A free conference from the comfort of your home.

Two days of tech talks, personal development topics, fun activities and open source contributions. Comference will be streaming for free for everyone. Attend both days in full or just the specific talks you'd like to see. Discuss the talk subjects with other attendees and with the speakers, play games. Learn, teach and have fun.

Join us on June 29, 7:30PM CET, for the first Comference Summer Session. During a panel discussion we will be talking about open source in your company with Sebastian Bergmann (PHPUnit,, Erik Baars (ProActive) and Stefan Koopmanschap (Ingewikkeld).

Get a taste of Comference 2020 and watch all sessions online for free.

October 14-15, 2021

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Comference is not only about the actual talks, but also the community. For this event, we have setup a Discord server that acts as a communication hub before and during the event.

Before the event

Get together, make friends and get a sneak peak at what is going on.

On the conference days themselves

Ask questions of the speakers, discuss the contents and team up during Game Night!


Can't wait or want to join the discussions during Comference?

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